BigLaw Summer Associates Might Be Freaking Out Over Their Careers For No Reason


Dave Clark on Flickr

The American Lawyer’s summer associate survey found anxiety over their controversial decision to become lawyers reached a four-year high.But those highly paid law students might have been freaked out for no reason, the AM Law Daily reports.

For the second year in a row, nearly all of the law students who landed highly coveted – and highly paid – summer associate positions were offered full-time work by the end of the summer.

20-one law firms responded to the American Lawyer’s survey about their summer associates, revealing 96.5 per cent of their “summers” had been offered full-time jobs.

So, the summer associates may have worked themselves up into a frenzy over nothing.

In addition to being freaked out about their job prospects, the summers complained they didn’t get to work enough because of all the forced socializing of BigLaw.

That partying might pay off, though.

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