PHOTOS: More than 100 feared dead after military jet crashes in Indonesia

Photo: Ed Wray/Getty Images

A Indonesian military aircraft carrying 113 passengers on board has crashed into a hotel in a residential area in the Indonesian city of Medan. Authorities fear there were no survivors.

Guests staying at the hotel in northern Sumatra are also feared to be among the casualties.

The 50-year-old C-130 Hercules was bound for Tanjung Pinang, an Indonesian island near Singapore, but crashed in Medan shortly after take-off just after noon yesterday.

Indonesian officials have recovered 72 bodies so far, according to ABC News.

Major General Basya told the ABC the cause of the crash was yet unknown, although minutes into the flight, the pilot requested permission to return to the base.

The accident is the city’s second plane crash in 10 years.

In 2005 a Mandala Airlines flight overran the runway of Soewando Air Force base and crashed into the city killing 149 people.

It is also the same town that was evacuated last week when Mount Sinabung erupted, spewing volcanic ash two kilometres into the air to cover surrounding regions.

Military personnel and search and rescue teams comb through the wreckage.

Of the 113 people on the plane, 12 were crew and 101 were passengers.

It is not yet known whether the victims were military or civilian.

But Major General Fuad Basya indicated family members of military personnel were among those on board.

Investigations into the crash are expected to be difficult as the aircraft was not fitted with a black box.

Those at the crash site say only a wing and the tail of the aircraft is still recognisable...

The rest has been reduced to debris.

It is too soon to know how many have died.

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