Top Russian Cop Fired By President, SWAT Teams Arrive To Escort Him From Building

Dmitri Medvedev

The head of the St. Petersburg police, Mikhail Sukhodolsky, was fired by Russian President Dimitry Medvedev today, according to

Russia Today reports that a SWAT team had to be sent to force Sukholdolsky to leave his offices, while the St Peterburg police force’s website was taken down, apparently to prevent Sukholdolsky posting to it.

Sukhodolosky had apparently missed a meeting with the Interior Ministry earlier in the day, citing health reasons, but was in his office when the announcement was made that he was fired. reports that the meeting was in regards to the death of a 15 year old boy in police custody, who was beaten by police officers.

President Medvedev announced sweeping reforms to Russia’s notoriously corrupt police force last month, Ria Novosti, purging some 200,000 officers.

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