Lawsuit Alleges That Olive Garden And Other Restaurants Illegally Added Tips

Olive Garden

Professional tennis player Ted Dimond filed a lawsuit claiming New York restaurants are adding tips to bills, the New York Post reported.

Dimond says Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, Marriott Marquis Hotel, and Applebee’s have all unlawfully added gratuities to his bill.

His attorney told the Post that those chains were the worst offenders.

The article points out it is illegal in New York to add a surcharge to a listed menu price unless the party is eight or larger.

Half the chains did not immediately respond to the New York Post to comment. One hotel said it was unaware of the law.

Marriott spokeswoman Cathleen Duffy told the Post that the Times Square hotel’s Crossroads American Kitchen and Bar charges 18 per cent gratuity on parties of six or more and that the policy is clearly stated on the menu. She said she wasn’t aware that the law only applied to groups of eight or larger.

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