Suicide Voters Are Most Dangerous

Even though the State Department pulled all Islam references from terrorist training materials, I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard the term, “suicide bombers.” Like the kamikaze pilot, and without logic, suicide bombers’ mission is to kill themselves in order to advance their cause.

Here is a little analogy I thought of.

I’m going to start using a new term – “suicide voters”- for folks that blindly vote for the establishment, whether it be Democrat or Republican in this country. Suicide voters might not kill themselves or others instantly, but their vote for an establishment candidate ensures us that our demise is imminent.

Who are the establishment? I consider the establishment in this country a politician and/or their lobby that holds power in this country, regardless of party affiliation. You may call them career politicians, but I call them progressives. People mistakenly assume the word “progressive” is a good thing. People think progress is good – not in terms of the progress that the political establishment is making.

The unfolding action of progressives might be slow, but they cherry-pick at our liberties, our money, and basically all other aspects of our life. Their “progression” has been taking place since the beginning of the last century. As I stated, a progressive isn’t exclusive to one political party. Early progressives include Republican Theodore Roosevelt and Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Our last two presidents from either party were progressives, and so is our current president. Progressives transfer the power of the people to the government in order to create a dependency on them and that ensures they stay in power.

How do we stop suicide voters from voting for another establishment politician? I believe it entails preventing progressives, who in my opinion, are really starting to double-down on their power grab. That’s why I believe next year’s election will surely be the most important of our lifetime.

There is no such thing as the “perfect candidate,” but here’s what I would suggest to avoid voting for a more progressive candidate. We really need to vet ALL of our candidates – on both sides – from now on. We ignored the reports of now President Barack Obama receiving record-breaking campaign contributions from big banks, foreign sources, and oil companies. We ignored reports that Vice President Joe Biden’s son was a lobbyist and a very well-connected D.C. insider. Now with President Obama’s approval rating at an all-time low, there is more focus on the Republican candidates for the 2012 election. I won’t go into detail on every candidate here, because I honestly believe that you need to make these decisions for yourself.

Yes, listen to news reports, but do research, fact check, and read the candidates’ proposed policies if you plan on voting Republican. Make sure the candidates aren’t accepting money from drug companies, then mandating vaccines to children in their state like Republican candidate, Rick Perry, or overhauling the entire state’s healthcare system such as Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Do research on the Federal Reserve, and what they’ve done to the dollar and think about whether or not you want a former Federal Reserve member like Herman Cain as our president. Those are only a few examples, but you get the point. I am honestly nervous about this election.

People always say, “I’m voting for the lesser of two evils.” I don’t think this country can handle that anymore. The lesser of two evils is still evil and is still sending this country down the wrong path. We really need to stop fooling ourselves. Just because a candidate went to an Ivy League school doesn’t automatically make him or her presidential. I think it’s time we step away from the phony intellectuals and career politicians. We really need to elect one of us. We need a person detached from politics and the “establishment,” but understands what made this country the greatest in the world and understands that our Constitution is currently being manipulated by Washington in order to gain even more power over us.

Do me and yourself a huge favour – open your eyes and realise that elections have consequences.

Understand when a politician points a finger to blame somebody or something else, 99.9% of the time, it IS the fault of government. When the president tells you that you need to “sacrifice,” please realise that you’re just feeding their addiction for more power. Don’t vote for a candidate that believes government is always the answer. Vote for a candidate that understands that government always is the problem. That’s the simplest way to avoid being a suicide voter.

Sal Traina is a Lead Politics Writer for Blog Dudes

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