The 'Suicide Squad' trailer fans went nuts over at Comic-Con has leaked online

Well, one for two isn’t bad.  

While everyone is freaking out about the ‘Batman v Superman” trailer, many fans are freaking out about another trailer Warner Bros. debuted during its big movie panel which has since leaked online. 

The trailer for next summer’s “Suicide Squad” movie wowed crowds at Comic-Con. The film, which revolves around a group of DC villains and anti-heroes, will be the first movie to feature a new actor taking on the iconic role of the Joker since the death of Heath Ledger.

Jared Leto will fill his shoes, and screaming fans were pleasantly surprised to see a tattooed Clown Prince of Crime on screen.  

While Warner Bros. was quick to get most of the leaked versions down from YouTube, footage from the trailer is still popping up online. You almost wonder why Warner Bros. didn’t release both of its trailers online, rather than risk the chance of one of them leaking. 

Check out the trailer below via MovieWeb

We’re sure it won’t be up for long.

The studio surely isn’t the luckiest when it comes to leaked footage.

At last year’s Con, footage for the “Batman v Superman” film leaked quickly online and took a few days to get pulled down. The first official trailer for the film leaked online ahead of its planned release earlier this year at a fan event.

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