'Suicide Squad' wins the box office for a second week, though with a dramatic decline

Suicide squadWarner Bros.‘Suicide Squad.’

What many feared about “Suicide Squad” in its second week in theatres looks to be coming true.

Following a record-breaking opening weekend, the latest DC Comics release by Warner Bros. only took in an estimated $43.8 million.

That’s a disappointing 67% decline in gross from last weekend (previous DC Comics movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” had a 69.1% drop its second weekend).

On top of the bad word of mouth “Squad” is receiving, the movie also faced some stiff competition this weekend.

The Seth Rogen comedy “Sausage Party” exceeded expectation with a strong $33.6 million opening weekend, coming in second place.

That’s the largest opening ever for an animated movie released in August.

An impressive figure for an R-rated animated comedy about food that learns what their real fate is when humans purchase them from the store.

Sony‘Sausage Party.’

Sony, which released the movie, was bullish about their latest collaboration with Rogen and producing partner Evan Goldberg (its previous Rogen/Goldberg release was the now infamous “The Interview,” which led to the Sony hacks).

The studio held numerous special screenings in New York and LA before the release that featured prescreening hors d’oeuvre, drinks, and a large sausage mascot walking around. Rogen and Goldberg also hosted had strong screenings at South by Southwest and San Diego Comic-Con.

Then there was the Disney release “Pete’s Dragon,” which gives a completely different story to the movie of a young boy and his best friend that’s a dragon, which originally came out in 1977.

The movie came in third with $21.6 million. Though it’s one of the few titles by Disney that will likely not be turned into a franchise, the movie received an impressive 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and proved to Disney that director David Lowery, known for his independent film work, can work within their system. They will swing for the fences on Lowery’s next project for them, “Peter Pan.”

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