A new 'Suicide Squad' image hints at one of the movie's many deleted Joker scenes

It’s no secret that a lot of Jared Leto’s scenes as the Joker were cut from “Suicide Squad.” Leto himself has gone on the record numerous times discussing the cuts, even asking IGN if there were “any that
didn’t get cut?”


Joker suicide squad@moviencoukA nearly four-and-a-half minute video compilation on YouTube shows Leto discussing his many cut Joker scenes in ‘Suicide Squad.’

Since the film’s August 5 release, there have been rumours as to which scenes were cut from the final movie and eagle-eyed viewers may have been able to decipher a few of the deleted scenes from trailers. But now we have a better idea of what one of those many Joker scenes entailed, and it included his beau Harley Quinn.

Batman-news.com noticed an uncropped still of a previously released image in Rolling Stone Brazil which shows the Joker appearing to scold Harley. The scene takes place in a helicopter, alluding to a scene in the latter half of the film when Harley and the Joker are reunited.

Here’s the image as it runs on the Brazil version of Rolling Stone:

Joker suicide squad deleted sceneWarner Bros./Rolling Stone BrazilInstead of a happy reunion, the image teases a potentially abusive one which would fall more in line with the Joker and Harley’s actual relationship in the DC universe.

The reason why the image is so interesting is because it hints at a darker relationship between the two than the one portrayed on screen.

One of the problems I had with the film, and it was one had by many, was that the Joker seemed less like an actual threat and instead was sanitised into a lovesick puppy who was trying to get his girl back from Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad gang. For the most part, their relationship was portrayed as two star-crossed lovers.

That makes more sense when you know it was rumoured that several Joker scenes were removed to “repaint” his relationship with Harley as more loving.

And one of the rumoured deleted scenes included a much darker reunion between the two which ended in the Joker pushing Harley out of a helicopter — a scene that seems teased directly in the Rolling Stone image.

From Business Insider:

Joker and Harley get into an argument after he rescues her in the hijacked helicopter. In early cuts he reportedly pushes her out to kill her, then the helicopter gets shot down. This was apparently reworked into the helicopter getting shot down first and Joker pushing her out to save her.

If that’s the case, it seems like the Harley/Joker relationship was toned down a lot from the rather abusive one the two are known for sharing in the comics and DC universe. (It’s no secret that the Joker regularly smacks and verbally abuses Harley.)

It’s not necessarily that the film was trying to idolize the relationship that the two had (the Joker did leave Harley underwater in his sports car to drown after all), but a scene where the Joker may have lashed out at Harley would have solidified that the relationship the two have is rather twisted and not one that should be glamorized.

Perhaps we’ll get to see a few of these Harley and Joker scenes when the film is out on Blu-ray and DVD.

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