The ‘Suicide Squad’ director just yelled ‘f— Marvel’

David Ayer Jamie McCarthy Getty final
David Ayer. Jamie McCarthy/Getty

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer isn’t your typical Hollywood player.

Having spent a lot of his youth around South Central Los Angeles, which led to the inspiration for scripts he wrote when he started his career like the first “Fast and Furious” movie and “Training Day,” he’s far from the usual soft-spoken director who keeps it very PC in public. 

He likes to get a crowd amped up, like at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, where he announced that DC Comics runs Hall H, the epic convention floor where the biggest event films and TV shows have their presentations during the convention.

But he might have taken his hype-man persona a little too far on Monday night at the “Suicide Squad” premiere in New York City. While introducing the DC Comics movie, he repeated an audience member who yelled out, “F— Marvel.”

People inside the screening immediately started tweeting the occurrence, leading to many voicing their displeasure over Ayer trying to start a rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel properties.

Ayer tweeted an apology soon after:

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