Family Suggests Deloitte Partner's Suicide Was Related To Standard Chartered Scandal


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Last Monday morning, the owner of a Fairfield, Connecticut factory showed up to work to find a man dead in his car in the parking lot.The man has been identified as Daniel Pirron, a partner in global consulting firm Deloitte’s legal office, and the death, caused by a gunshot wound, was ruled to be a suicide.

A new report in the Telegraph over the weekend links Pirron’s death to the ongoing Standard Chartered scandal:

Speaking publicly for the first time about the incident, Mr Pirron’s brother, Mike, said the family believed the two events were connected and that Daniel Pirron had warned his daughters the day before his death that there was “big trouble” ahead.

“My brother didn’t discuss the case but he told me they were in big trouble with this case in London,” he said.

“He was clearly apprehensive about a case that was about to come out. It is just extraordinary, when he was fine, that somebody would take his life.”

Mr Pirron, a leading businessman who owns a construction company in Chicago, said his brother had been acting strangely the day before he shot himself. “He was with his daughter on Sunday and she said he was acting very apprehensive. He kept going to the newsstands, looking for an important story to come out to do with Deloitte,” he said.

Last Monday – the same day Pirron was found dead in his car – Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria gave his first public interview since the consulting firm became embroiled in the Standard Chartered scandal, denying charges that Deloitte had helped Standard Chartered conceal inappropriate financial transactions from regulators.

On Tuesday, the following day, Standard Chartered settled with regulators to the tune of $340 million over its involvement in illegal transactions with Iran. However, the story got new legs when it was reported over the weekend that regulators have now widened the probe to put Deutsche Bank and “several other global banks” under investigation over potential illegal dealings with Iran and other sanctioned countries.

On Sunday, Deloitte said in a statement that Pirron’s death is not related to the Standard Chartered case. However, Pirron’s brother is unconvinced.

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