An Italian Couple Committed A Double Suicide — And Dedicated It To Berlusconi


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A broke, unemployed Italian couple dedicated their double suicide to ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.Salvatore De Salvo, 64, and his wife Antonia Azzolini, 69, killed themselves last week after losing their jobs and home of almost 50 years due to the financial crisis, the Daily Mirror reported.

The decision was years in the making. The couple, who couldn’t find work for seven years, regularly wrote letters outlining their problems to Berlusconi and various local politicians in the southern Italian region of Puglia, who “ignored their pleas for help”. De Salvo and Azzolini had been surviving on little more than 400 euros a month, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple — who had been married for 45 years — said in a 2010 regional television interview how “it would be better to die” than live in separate rooms in a hostel. They described their situation as a “mousetrap with a humidity of madness”, with Azzolini ending the recording with “I want to do anything to give me the chance to get out of this hellish place where I am.”

Six months ago, they had a letter published in the Italian press, which read: “Hail Silvio, about to die we salute you, illustrious gentleman Berlusconi, to you we dedicate our final goodbye,” the Mail reported.

Then, the week before committing suicide, an open letter to Berlusconi in the Italian newspaper Oggi read: “You will learn from the newspapers of the great dignity with which two people knew how to die, disgusted with the hypocrisy and the cruelty of you, the politicians.”

The couple finally checked into a three-star hotel in Bari, a coastal city in Puglia, and overdosed on barbiturates, according to the Mirror.

Azzolini died in the room — which, as requested, had a sea view — and De Salvo, who did not pass away immediately, walked into the sea. His body was later found by a fisherman.