Beautiful Historical Photos Of The Suez Canal


Photo: whatsthatpicture on flickr

On July 26, 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. Three months later the combined forces of Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt and forced him to reverse the decision.That’s just one indication of how important the 673-foot-wide waterway is to the western world.

Another is the seven dollar spike in crude prices over the weekend based on mere speculation that the Egyptian riots could disrupt shipping.

The Suez Canal under construction in 1860

Port Said in 1880

RAF fighters fly over the Canal, circa. 1940., when it was owned by the UK

A US Navy RH-53D sweeps the Canal in 1974

At the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, America forces pass through the Canal

A cargo ship appears to drift through the sand

Egyptian soldiers encamp along the banks of the Canal, in summer 2010

Cruising down the canal last summer

Suez City and the entrance to the Canal

A satellite photo of Port Said on the Mediterranean

Another satellite photo of Suez and the Canal

The Suez Canal is very important, but not as much as the Bab El Mandeb...

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