Suddenly, Bronwyn Bishop's Facebook cover photo is the talk of Australia

Photo: Bronwyn Bishop/ Facebook.

It seems Bronwyn Bishop just cannot catch a break.

Her future as parliamentary Speaker for the House of Representatives was questioned after prime minister Tony Abbott described her use of a helicopter, costing taxpayers more than $5000, to attend a Liberal Party function in Geelong as a “serious error of judgment”.

Now social media commentators are fuming at the Speaker’s choice of Facebook cover photo, which appears to have been taken from a helicopter.

The aerial shot of Bishop’s Northern Beaches electorate, which was added to her album on October 26, 2012 and updated on April 28, 2015, has attracted comments labelling the minister “incredibly arrogant” and saying “The nerve you have is unbearable”.

It’s awkward timing for the politician who last Saturday said she’d made an “error of judgment”, but said she wouldn’t resign, describing the story as “a political beat-up”.

In the days since the news of her extravagant flight to Geelong broke, memes have been popping up on social media, mocking the Speaker’s misuse of taxpayers money.

Here’s just a few of the funniest floating around at the moment.

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