Are Successful Women Scarier Than Successful Men?

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Lucy Kellaway at the Financial Times wrote a provocative piece on why powerful women are scary.The three main points backing up her conclusion are:

1. Since it’s harder for women to advance professionally compared to men, the ones who make it “have to be more impressive and more fierce” and therefore, more scary. 

2. She says women intentionally “act scary to drown out the voice of their inner imposter.” This goes back to the idea that women are not as confident as men and have some inner voice reminding them that they’re a fraud and don’t belong in the workplace. 

3. Women are scarier because they’re harder to read than men and “unpredictability leads to anxiety.”

Kellaway, a popular British columnist and thus a powerful woman herself, offers a positive spin on this trend: “Whatever the reason, being frightening is hugely to women’s advantage. I know all sorts of women who get their way because their bosses are too terrified to say no.”

Do you think successful women are viewed as scarier than their male counterparts? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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