15 Women Whose Careers Took Off After Kicking Their Athlete Boyfriends To The Curb

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Kim Kardashian has dominated the headlines since divorcing NBA star Kris Humphries earlier this week.Will all this publicity help her career in the long run? Or will consumers get tired of her staged life and tune out?

It’s probably too early to tell.

But history is filled with examples of celebrities, models, and actresses who got huge career boosts from splitting with their athlete significant others.

Halle Berry's monster career didn't take off until she divorced David Justice

Rachel Uchitel exploded after she and Tiger Woods broke up

Jenn Sterger turned herself in an online sensation after exposing potential-suitor Brett Favre

Evelyn Lozada left Antoine Walker when he went broke, she's now a reality TV star on Basketball Wives

Jordana Brewster bolstered her pin-up cred by dating Derek Jeter

Josyln James got more porn work after hooking up with Tiger Woods

Alyssa Milano became baseball's most visible female personality after dating the likes of Carl Pavano and Barry Zito

Kim Kardashian has dominated headlines after leaving Kris Humphries

Cheryl Cole landed a job on X Factor after dumping her cheating husband Ashley Cole. But she was eventually replaced by Nicole Scherzinger

Vida Guerra is an aspiring celebrity who's gotten marginally famous from dating Derek Jeter

Elin Nordegren got rich and is now dating a hedge fund manager after leaving Tiger Woods

Vanessa Williams landed roles on Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives after divorcing Rick Fox

Kristin Cavalleri went on Dancing With The Stars after Jay Cutler cut off their engagement

Vanessa Minnillo landed several jobs on network TV after dating Derek Jeter in 2003

Elen Rivas started a fashion line after dating Frank Lampard

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