Here's What It Takes To Be The #1 Agent In Any Real Estate Market

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For real estate agents looking to earn the coveted title of “best-selling” in their market, the strategies they should use are very different depending on where they work.In some cities, it only takes a couple of dozen listings in the luxury market to earn the title of No. 1 (in terms of portfolio value), whereas in other places it takes hundreds of listings to compete for the top spot, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Robbie Whelan.

How do brokers work their way to the top?

Whelan shared a few strategies they use:

  • Luxury agents shroud most of their clients in a cloak of privacy. They wine and dine their clients to convince them that they are the best agent for the job.
  • Agents in mid-size markets aggressively hit the online marketing world, and don’t even necessarily attend every showing of a house because of the high volume of listings they have.
  • Luxury agents generally take a 5 per cent commission.
  • Mid-size agents pursue families who are relocating, whereas luxury agents pursue clients looking for trophy properties. 

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