The top 5 qualities of people who run successful side businesses

Susie Moore

  • Freelancers are predicted to become the US workforce majority within a decade.
  • People with side hustles – or passion-driven side jobs they do outside of their 9-5 – work around the clock to make time for their projects.
  • Being a side hustler isn’t easy and requires certain qualities to reach success: Here are the 5 qualities that rockstar side hustlers possess.

According to research conducted by freelance platform UpWork, freelancers are predicted to become the US workforce majority within a decade. So, what does that mean for those of us who haven’t jumped aboard to side hustle bandwagon just yet?

It’s time.

As founder of Side Hustle Made Simple, a coach to entrepreneurs, and a former side hustler turned full-time business owner myself, here are the five qualities I observed time and again that the rockstar side hustlers possess:

1. They have a strong desire to get out of the 9-5

All great things begin with desire, and a side hustle is no different. Some see it as an extra revenue stream – and it’s a great one – but it can also be much more than that: it can be the stepping stone to a whole new life. Side hustling is a risk-free gateway to entrepreneurship, and the hustlers who see the big picture know it.

They simply can’t go on as they are, with the same career and life in 5, 10, or 15 years from now. So they hold their vision of freedom and prosperity close, and this keeps them motivated day to day.

My lifelong dream has always been to work with my husband full time, travelling and working from wherever. In February 2018, we fulfilled our dream of spending an entire month together in Bali. It was bliss – and achieving that vision has accelerated my success.

If you’ve been thinking about a side hustle for 12 months or more, you’re probably ready for one. When you commit, the time previously spent procrastinating becomes time spent creating (and earning). Cha-ching!

2. They know their strengths

Owning what you are good at is critical when side hustling. Using your strengths in your side hustle is key, because running a business is always challenging at one time or another.

Too many people launch a side hustle they kind of like because they think it has the potential to make money. Then, if the going gets tough, they walk away because they’re not taking advantage of their natural strengths.

Using your talents – whether they’re writing, speaking, making art, or planning – will keep you moving forward toward success. The rest? Outsource it as soon as you can afford to.

3. They understand the market

The most important aspect of a profitable side hustle is that people willingly pay your for your product or service. Having a side gig is a moneymaking endeavour, after all!

Spend some time researching the market to get an idea of who is out there and what they’re charging. It’s as easy as a Google search.

4. They’re OK with standing out

Once I started my side hustle as a life coach, I started publishing articles on my favourite websites to attract clients. I shared the pieces on social media, and many of my peers saw my posts (some of them sought advice on how to launch a new project of their own)!

I had to feel comfortable sharing what I was doing. For me, it was way easier to blog than to go out and network – especially if you’re an introvert like me.

Having a side gig is increasingly common, and there’s nothing to be afraid of – especially if you’re a good employee and your hustle isn’t a conflict of interest with your day job.

Side hustles naturally make you stand out – and in my opinion, they make you way more interesting. You just have to be OK with being more visible.

5. They start now

The best and most successful people take massive action without overthinking it. I launched my side hustle training business with $US0, and encourage others to begin right away, no matter your life circumstances. It may never feel like “the right time.”

If starting (or scaling) your side hustle speaks to you, begin where you are with what you have – right now.

The best way to do it is to do it!

Susie Moore is a high-performance coach, consultant and author in New York City. She’s been featured on the Today show, Forbes, and more! If you’re curious about starting (or scaling!) your side hustle, sign up for her free workshop



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