This Olympic athlete and entrepreneur shares his 8 keys to success

Lewis howesNick OnkenLewis Howes.

Lewis Howes was a two-sport, All-American athlete in college before pursuing, and achieving, his dream of playing professional football.

A career-ending injury in 2007 sidelined him from the sport early on, but it propelled him into a different
arena: the business arena, which he quickly mastered.

Within two years, Howes launched and sold a seven-figure online media company, which aimed to help people grow their careers through a series of webinars, ebooks, and other online training materials.

Today he focuses on the success of others, and helps people make a living doing what they love. He also found a way to return to the competitive world of sports, and plays for the US Olympic handball team.

We asked the dynamic entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and athlete, to share his eight keys to success. Here’s what he said:

1. Have a clear vision.

“If you want to achieve success, you have to be clear on what it is you want first, and why you want it.”

2. Learn to overcome adversity.

“If you want to achieve great results, there’s going to be a lot thrown at you. If you buckle under pressure and allow the adversity to imprison you, rather than turn it into an advantage, you’re never going to achieve success.”

3. Develop a champions mindset.

“The champions mindset is a mindset of belief in yourself that is so strong that nothing can break it.”

4. Master your body.

“You have to have a healthy body. Learn and master your body — that’s where the mind, the soul, and the heart are.”

5. Develop positive habits.

“If you have a vision and are going after big dreams, it’s going to take rituals and positive habits to see that vision through.”

6. Hustle.

“Some people call this grit or perseverance. I call it hustle. It means willing to make sacrifices to do whatever it takes to achieve results. If you’re someone who has skill and hustle, that’s a deadly combination.”

7. Build a powerful team.

“Understand relationships and learn to build a great team around you — of teammates, coaches, and mentors.”

8. Live a life of service.

“If you’re only consumed with your own results — and you’re not focused on giving back to others — that’s not success. It takes a tribe for each one of us to get to where we are, and it is our duty to give back. The more we give back, the more we receive.”

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