SUCCESS INSIDER: OnlyFans influencers explain how they’re building big followings and earning 6 figures

Erica North, a top OnlyFans creator, is in constant communication with her subscribers, which she charges for. Erica North

OnlyFans is a subscription platform where influencers can conceal content, including NSFW photos and videos, behind a paywall. BI spoke to three creators about the strategies they use to build massive audiences on social media and then funnel those followers back to their OnlyFans accounts, where they can charge them a fee for access.

Here’s how they do it.

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This week we have Jeff Bezos’ favourite books, time management tips from a CEO coach, how a swimwear company’s cofounders turned a $US30,000 loan into a multimillion-dollar brand in less than a decade, and more.

12 books on leadership and success billionaire Jeff Bezos thinks everyone should read

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has often credited his success to the lessons he learned in books. Here are the top 12 books that helped shape his $US185 billion fortune.

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We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck open-source platform Almanac used to raise $US9 million in funding. The CEO breaks it down and gives his advice for entrepreneurs to perfect their pitch.

Open-source platform Almanac gave Business Insider an exclusive look at the pitch deck the startup used to raise $US9 million in seed funding. CEO and cofounder Adam Nathan estimated at least 70% of their pitches in this round were done over the phone or video conferencing.

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Read the remote-work guide used by an education company that trains employees at Google and Deloitte

General Assembly offers classes in hot areas like data science and web design. It’s also a pioneer in remote work, with offices around the world. Here’s the slide deck GA uses to train managers on leading distributed teams effectively.

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A 24-year-old college student who paid off $US10,000 of credit card debt in 6 months shares the exact budget sheets she used to do it – and they show every dollar of her monthly income

A college student who makes a living as a YouTuber used personal finance apps and strict budgeting to pay off $US10,000 of credit card debt in just 6 months. She shared her exact budgets with Business Insider.

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A millionaire fitness founder shares the 5 steps he followed to grow his online business from $US2,000 in annual sales to more than $US3 million in half a decade

At 22, Tanner Chidester dropped out of college and had to move into his parents’ basement to save cash. Five years later, he’s founded two businesses and makes “close to eight figures.” He shared five steps he followed to scale his online businesses fast.

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I’m a stay-at-home mum who went from making $US8 an hour at Starbucks to over $US100,000 a year as a freelancer. Here are 5 steps I took to build my client base and income from scratch.

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson. Jamie Johnson

After a seven-year hiatus, stay-at-home mum Jamie Johnson reentered the workforce, making $US8 an hour as an entry-level employee at Starbucks. Now, five years later, she’s bringing in more than $US100,000 annually as a freelance writer. Johnson shared her strategy with Business Insider on building her freelancing career successfully.

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A CEO coach who works with executives at Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reveals the time management trick she gives her clients to help them take control of their schedules

CEO Coach Sabina Nawaz advises executives at companies like Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One of her biggest pieces of advice for her clients? Manage your time like your money with a time portfolio.

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PPP just ended. A new small business relief program could benefit certain industries and owners – including allowing some to apply for a second government loan.

PPP ended over the weekend. Policy experts expect the next small business relief program will benefit specific owners, such as minority-owned companies, and allow to some to apply for a second government loan.

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How Monday Swimwear’s cofounders turned a $US30,000 loan into a multimillion-dollar brand in less than a decade

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman cofounded Monday Swimwear in 2014 with a $US30,000 loan and have doubled revenue every year since. Profitable in year one, the brand is on track to do $US20 million in annual revenue before 2022.

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