SUCCESS INSIDER: The email template a life coach used to land her first 10 clients

Susie MooreSusie Moore.

Susie Moore was able to quit her six-figure job in tech just two years after starting a successful side hustle as a life coach and consultant. She’s sharing both the email template that secured her first 10 paying clients and tips for getting started.

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This week we have a cheat sheet you can use for job interviews, how you can use the “rule of three” to quickly raise funding, a conversation starter for asking your manager for a promotion, and more.

How Fredrik Eklund is expanding his bicoastal real estate team into a new market during a pandemic

Fredrik Eklund is sharing his experience growing his business on the west coast during a pandemic, adding a major new presence in Orange County, California, and what he sees for the near future of the market.

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How founders can use the ‘rule of 3’ to prepare your pitch and quickly raise vital funding to launch your startup

The number “three” consistently jumps out as a magic number separating success from failure in data on pre-seed startups’ fundraising efforts. Here’s how thinking in threes can help make the process less painful.

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How to avoid the critical mistakes made by Brooks Brothers and J. Crew – and follow the Louis Vuitton model to stay relevant with customers, generation after generation

Brands can look to companies like Brooks Brothers and J. Crew as cautionary case studies for how not to fall out of customers’ good graces. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton serves as an example of a legacy brand that has reinvented itself throughout the decades, yet manages to stay true to its identity.

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PPP is over, but some businesses might be able to apply for a second federal loan. Insiders predict what the next round of emergency funding could look like.

PPP ended over the weekend. Policy experts expect the next small business relief program will benefit specific owners, such as minority-owned companies, and allow some to apply for a second government loan.

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Most unhappy employees hoping for a promotion haven’t told their boss they want one. Here’s how to start the conversation with your manager.

GettyImages 1248900536Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Your boss won’t know you want a promotion unless you tell them. Speak up and you could earn an extra $US8,715 a year (on average), according to a new survey. Here are some pointers on broaching the topic.

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Use this guide to create a job interview cheat sheet to prepare for tough questions and impress potential employers

Job interviewREUTERS/Gary Cameron

Lapses in memory during interviews are common, even after you’ve done all the research. Cheat sheets can help you remember to hit the crucial points. Here’s a guide to creating a cheat sheet that you can use during any job interview.

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The female tech founders who won Melinda Gates’ $US6 million funding competition share their top tips for pitching to investors

Deployed COO Kayleigh KuptzDeployedDeployed’s COO Kayleigh Kuptz.

iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fibre, a company using AI to build an online library of disease biomarkers, and Deployed, a software firm helping companies create and track statements of work, shared their top tips on setting up a business and pitching to investors.

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Phone charging business ChargedUp went from near failure to $US1.3 million monthly revenue by pivoting to hand sanitizers during COVID-19. Here’s what its founders learned about how to adapt during a crisis.

ChargedUp’s founders pivoted their business to stay afloat during COVID-19. They launched CleanedUp, making more than $US1.3 million in one month. They shared their top tips for pivoting a business during a crisis.

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As companies like Facebook double down on remote work, managers could suffer the most. Here are 3 secrets to keeping your team’s trust and reducing ‘the shadow of the future.’

Remote work has been a challenge for everyone, but managers have had it especially hard, according to behavioural psychologists. Here are three tips for leading effectively from behind a laptop.

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Meet the recruiters hiring for 6-figure jobs at consulting firms like Bain, McKinsey, PwC, and KPMG

The key to landing a six-figure consulting job is knowing how to impress the recruiters. Five recruitment heads at McKinsey, Bain, PwC, and KPMG share how candidates can stand out in their application.

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