SUCCESS INSIDER: Here’s what we really need to dismantle systemic racism in the office


US companies spend $US8 billion a year on diversity and inclusion efforts, yet many are more segregated now than they were 40 years ago. To understand why there’s been little progress toward racial equality in corporate America, Business Insider spoke with prominent scholars, reviewed research, and analysed conversations with diversity heads at major companies. Here’s what we learned.

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This week we have how to make $US50,000 a month “wholesaling” real estate, the future of virtual learning and MBA programs, career advice from a Google G Suite lead, and more.

An inside look at how a producer who’s worked with Amazon and Netflix created, filmed, and edited a full-length documentary while in quarantine – and what his passion project says about American resilience

Brian Volk-Weiss and his team worked with 47 business owners from Nashville to Tokyo to produce an entirely remote series during the pandemic. He explained how a series about toy stores turned into one that embodied many universal struggles during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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From prison to investing: How one man went from spending 5 years behind bars to making $US50,000 a month ‘wholesaling’ real estate

IMG 0018
Ben Lovro. Ben Lovro

When Ben Lovro decided to start building a career in real estate, he was 29 years old. At first, he was working night shifts at a restaurant and spending his mornings online, educating himself about the industry. He told Business Insider that he invested in online marketing classes and real estate investment courses, which is what he believes put him on the fast track to success.

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Experts predict MBA programs post-COVID-19 will invest in more advanced virtual learning and courses on leading during crises – and experience a drop in international applicants

Wharton school graduation

What will MBA classrooms look like post-COVID-19? Experts predict a bigger emphasis on virtual learning and a change in curriculum as more business leaders are trained to withstand crises. They say one downside of the pandemic is a decrease in international students in the short term.

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A Google G Suite lead got a promotion after casually chatting with a colleague. Here’s how to leverage relationships within your company to land a plum career opportunity – even if you hate networking.

Diane Chaleff
Diane Chaleff is Google’s G Suite lead. Courtesy of Diane Chaleff

Diane Chaleff is Google’s G Suite lead in the office of the CTO, and she was promoted during a casual chat with a colleague. Her story is a prime example of why being good at your job matters, but so does forming relationships across your company. Here’s how to start connecting in ways that feel natural for you.

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The 2 slides all entrepreneurs should add to their pitch decks to convince VCs their startup is recession-proof so they can secure funding

When it comes to updating your slide deck for virtual pitches, the CEO of a design service says you should add a slide or two to address how the pandemic is affecting your business. He says there are specific questions you should answer if your business is growing, shrinking, or holding steady.

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