Brad Pitt Is The First Male Face Of Chanel No.5—Here's Today's Ad Brief

subway kid dump truck

subway garbage kid

Subway in Puerto Rico has officially missed the mark in its “Feed Them Better” campaign, in which the food supplier created Subway-branded garbage trucks and trash cans that look like children. So the kids’ mouths are actually consuming garbage. Because it’s always a great idea to associate a food chain with trash. According to the press release, “In order to dramatize the bad eating habits in children, we designed child-shaped trash cans and placed them in shopping malls and food courts across 10 cities. (They) were also placed in parks, schools, and high-traffic streets. A child-shaped garbage truck also drove across 55 cities in Puerto Rico.” DDB Latina is responsible for this stinker. 

brad pitt angelina jolie brangelina

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5. This is the first time that a man has been featured in an ad for the perfume.Here are seven marketing lessons that we learned from Pulp Fiction.

This is the most sexually bowling alley ad that you will ever see. “It’s amazing what you can do with a finger and a thumb.”

Volkswagen just released two new ads: one for the Passat and the other for the Jetta. Created by Deutsch LA.

At 2pm PDT, Deutsch LA will be live-streaming a speech by Joe Pytka, who has directed over 5,000 commercials and 80 Super Bowl spots. Watch Deutsch Commons Live by clicking here.

Gaston Serpenti is Anomaly Amsterdam’s new digital creative director.

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