Riders Take Down An Alleged Groper On The L Train In Brooklyn

Well girls, it’s nice to know you’ll be safe on the train isn’t it?

The L train in Brooklyn erupted in screaming and wrestling Friday night when two women boarded and accused a white man with scraggly black hair and a black t-shirt of groping them at a previous subway stop.

A group of men already on the train forced the accused groper out of his seat, wrapped their arms around his neck, and dragged him off the train.

Police later identified the man as Victor Sigler, according to The New York Post.

The brawny good Samaritans seemed to have a good time wrestling with Sigler, with one man shouting “Damn, this boy’s strong! Woo-hoo!”

The men then restrained Sigler on the subway platform until police arrived. Sigler was later charged with forcible touching, according to the Post.

Watch the full fight for yourself:

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