A New York Subway Was Hijacked By A Screaming Man With A Screwdriver

A man with 40 arrests on his record jumped through the motorman’s window of the 5 train, threatened the driver with a screwdriver, and took control of the train on Friday. The Daily News published an exclusive video and report this morning:

When conductor Daryl George heard screaming on the platform and lowered his window to see what was going on, Richard Arrocho dove through the chest high window wielding a Phillips-head screwdriver. He screamed “Move the train or I’m going to f—–g kill you.”

“I started to move the train slowly,” George added. “He pulled my hand off and pushed the control to make the train go faster. I told him, ‘If we keep moving at this speed, we’re going to hit something.’ It didn’t make any difference to him. “

[The] video shows George wrestling with Arrocho and briefly getting the suspect in a headlock as the train rumbled down the tracks. The train stopped once it reached the Jackson Ave. station. George managed to open the door and run out, leaving Arrocho in the cab alone. “I could have lost my life over this,” George said. “You don’t expect something like this to happen when you go to work.”

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