Now Melbourne Suburbs Are Being Evacuated, As Floods Continue To Drown Brisbane


The epic flooding that’s submerged Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, has now hit Melbourne, the second-biggest city in the country and a major business centre.

Suburbs at the edge of the city are being evacauted; Australian news sources report three suburbs so far.

The flooding, which has been described “disaster of Biblical proportions,” by Queensland’s State Treasurer and compared to an “inland Tsunami” hit coastal and regional Victoria early this morning in Australia (this afternoon here).

Major roads leading in and out of Melbourne have been closed

The flooded area in Queensland, the worst-hit state, is equivalent to the combined area of Germany and France.

Flash flooding has submerged parts of the Grampians National Park and Ballarat, a large town an hour or so from Melbourne’s CBD. Mudslides have also been reported across Victoria.

Check out photos of the flooding >

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