At $US2,000 A Head, The World’s New Most Expensive Restaurant Is A Sensory Overload

Sublimotion ibizia interior
The interior of SubliMotion at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. Vimeo

The new most expensive restaurant on the planet will soon be opening in Ibiza, Spain.

Debuting this May at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d’en Bossa, SubliMotion will seat 12 guests at a time for a 20-course gastro-sensory meal that will cost £1,235 per person, or more than $US2,000 a head, according to The Daily Mail.

“What is SubliMotion? It’s hard to explain,” chef Paco Roncero explains in the restaurant’s promotional video. “[It’s] Ibiza, passion, gastronomy. A radically different show you can only experience for yourself.”

It’s certainly radical. The restaurant’s walls are a virtual light show, and and moving pictures are projected on the tabletops, including a garden scene with fluttering butterflies and Versailles-style paintings.

Sublimotion gif hard rock hotel ibiza
Sublimotion gif hard rock hotel ibiza

The decor is controlled by an operator who watches diners and changes the lighting or scene accordingly, to coordinate with a customer’s first bite or the flourishing of a new plate.

Sublimotion gif hard rock hotel ibiza

“The micro environments depend on the cook, who is the ’emitter,'” explains one of Roncero’s sous chefs in the video. “The ‘receiver’ is the diner, the dish is the ‘message,’ and the setting is the ‘channel.’ All of this is inside the ‘micro environment,’ which is the place where you eat. For example, eating on the beach is not the same as eating in a field.”

Sublimotion gif hard rock hotel ibiza

How very meta.

Roncero is one of Spain’s most famous chefs, having trained at the now-closed elBulli and earning two Michelin stars for his restaurant La Terraza del Casino in Madrid. The chef and restaurateur currently has five restaurants around the world, not including the upcoming SubliMotion.

You can see the restaurant’s full promotional video below.

Sublimotion Eng from Sublimotion on Vimeo.