Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has surprisingly good style for a politician -- here's what you can learn from him

Newly minted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making waves.

He’s young and quickly becoming a cult favourite in America for his outspoken liberal views. Oh, and the dude also knows how to wear a suit.

Totally outdoing President Barack Obama on his first official visit to DC, the 44-year-old, second youngest-ever Canadian Prime Minister wore a fetching three-piece blue suit.

Is the vest too much? That comes down to personal preference, but it certainly sets him apart in a world of staid 2-piece navy suits.

(Remember when Obama wore a khaki suit at a press conference and the political world collectively spit out their double red eye? That’s the kind of bland world we’re dealing with here.)

The differences don’t stop there. Trudeau’s suit is also cut noticeably slimmer, especially in the lapels and the legs, lending to a more modern fit than your typical head of state.

He even wore burnished tan shoes, instead of the more conservative brown or black.

For the state dinner, Trudeau wore a slim black tuxedo — noticeably better tailored than Obama’s, which bunches around his angles in an unflattering way.

Trudeau killed it for his DC visit specifically by staying within the confines of the established political parameters, but pushing them as far as they could possibly go to fit his own personal style.

That’s a lesson we could all take, whether you work for a big investment bank or an architecture firm.

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