9 iPad Accessories That Made Us Say 'WTF?!'


We love using cool new accessories for our iPad, but some of them are over the top.

We took a look around the internet to see what kinds of things are available for you to use on your iPad today, and here’s what we found.

The iPad chair

Instead of buying a stand for your iPad, why not shell out for a brand new chair with one built into it? Elite Home theatre Seating offers all kinds of custom chairs and they'll gladly include an iPad stand in one for you.

Price: requires a custom quote

The minimalist iPad stand

Anyone willing to pay this much for a piece of wood has deeper problems than where to put his iPad.

Price: $50

The iPad suit

Who wants his tablet computer flopping against his hip all day as it rests inside the large pocket of this custom jacket?

Price: custom

Want a way to take a walk and get lots of weird looks from strangers in the process? Fill up this fanny pack with your electronics and start hiking.

Price: $29.95

A Maxi-Pad for your iPad

Wordplay gone too far -- here's an especially silly case for your iPad.

Price: $24.99

A Han-Solo-frozen-in-Carbonite case

This is only for the die-hard Star Wars fans. And even then, they'd probably rather not have to deal with changing their iPads' shape by adding Han Solo's face and fingers to it.

Price: $16.99

A tasty bacon case

Some people love bacon so much that they want to ensconce their iPads in them. Thank good they have this as an option.

Price: $69

A USB typewriter

If you buy one of these pre-assembled, it costs more than the most expensive iPad. Is that really something you want on your conscience?

Price: $799

An arm mount

OK, OK -- this one's fake. But you can actually buy the box and give it as a gag gift.

Price: $8

BONUS: You might think Velcro is a dumb iPad accessory, but check out this video:

An amazing app is available for your iPad right now

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