Stunning News: Top Silicon Valley Startup Investor David Lee Is…Leaving Silicon Valley

Ron Conway and David Lee
Ron Conway depends on David Lee

Perhaps setting aside Paul Graham’s startup incubation firm, Y Combinator, there is no venture capital firm as important to early stage startups in Silicon Valley as SV Angel.SV Angel was founded by Ron Conway, but it’s run day to day by partner David Lee.

And here’s the stunning news: David Lee is moving from Palo Alto, where SV Angel is based, to Los Angeles.

Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily broke the news.

Lee tells Lacy that he is not going to quit his job, and that he plans to spend a lot of time in the Bay Area – mostly San Francisco. He’ll take the one-hour flight to “commute” there most weekdays, he says.

Lee tells Lacy he’s moving to LA because that’s where his wife is from, and that he wants his kids to have a lot of extended family around.

He says he got the idea from watching Showtime’s Homeland.

“Relationships and families are built on the little things, and you can’t make those up,” he said in a surprisingly authentic and candid conversation about the news this evening. “It just hit me, watching that show. I can keep saying we’ll do this later, but my daughter is three. She’s building relationships with her cousins now. I just wanted her to have that. And I have the luxury of work being just an hour plane ride away so commuting to San Francisco is plausible. It all felt very right.”