The 13 Coolest Magazine Covers This Month

rihanna vogue

Print may be dead, or at least on its death bed, but that doesn’t mean that magazine covers have stopped being awesome, or that walking into a NYC magazine store still isn’t the best way to kill an extra 30 minutes.

To that end, we have curated some of the most stunning magazine covers that are out right now.

These covers will make your brains whir, your jaws drop, your mouths water, and your hearts melt. They feature Hollywood sweethearts — be they male, female, or she-male, alive or dead. They play up caricatures fattened with symbolism, graphic messages of revolution, and of course big dogs with atomic attitudes.

So go ahead and judge these magazines by their covers.

Read about our conversation with the artist behind the heartbreaking March 28 New Yorker cover here.

The Hollywood Reporter - April 2011

The Economist - April 2, 2011

Wired - April 2011

Candy - Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Visual salivation.

Atomic Dogg - February 2011 (Quarterly)

Vogue - April 2011

Black Book - April 2011

Drome - No. 18 (Quarterly)

Adbusters - March/April 2011

UTNE Reader - March/April 2011

Lonely Planet - April 2011

Saveur - April 2011

Archaeology - March/April 2011

Now Onto A Subject Of A More Despotic Nature...

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