These Olympic Hotties Are Taking Over The Internet

sexy women athletes

The Olympics turns the spotlight on athletes that don’t usually get all that much public attention.

And this year, a lot of that attention has gone to the many beautiful women competing or hoping to compete in the games.

From the viral hit video of Michelle Jenneke getting ready to sprint or the crush the Internet has on weightlifter Samantha Wright, these often sidelined athletes are getting plenty of attention.

But there are many more than just Jenneke and Wright we have found a few for you to check out.

First, the video that started it all...the 19-year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke didn't make the Olympics this year, but a video of warm-up routine got over 14 million views.

Two-time gold medal winner and stunner from Russia, Yelena Gadzhievna will be at the London Olympics, possibly to break her current world record of 5.01m.

26-year-old English track and field champion Jessica Ennis will also be at this year's London Olympics.

Paola Espinosa, a 25-year-old diver from Mexico, has made the 2004, 2008 and the current 2012 Olympics.

28-year-old Karolina Tymińska hails from Poland and is one of the most beautiful heptathletes we've seen. A heptathlete is someone who compete in heptathlon, a 7-part track and field competition.

Allyson Felix is a 25-year-old US track and field sprinter who took home the gold in Beijing in 2008. She'll be back in London this summer to try for it again.

30-year-old Russian high jumper Anna Chicherova may have given birth to her first child in September 2010, but that isn't stopping her from going to London this year. She took home a bronze in 2008 and is looking for more.

This list wouldn't be complete without Leryn Franco, the Paraguayan model athlete is a javelin thrower and has been to the Olympics in 2004 and 2008, though she came in 24th and 51st respectively. She is going back this summer and maybe she will do better...either way, many fans will certainly feel better with her there.

This cute 22-year-old gymnast turned weightlifter also won't be at the London Olympics, but she might just make it to the 2016 ones and she has certainly left her mark on the Internet.

Beautiful 21-year-old Russian long jumper Darya Klishina will not be at the Olympics...but luckily she has her modelling career to fall back on. And who knows, we could see her in 2016.

Now want to check out how Olympic Athletes get ready for the games?

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