Study: NYC Teens Are Having More Sex And Smoking More Weed

girl smoking marijuana

Photo: cagrimmett/Flickr

Marijuana usage among city teenagers jumped by more than 5 per cent since 2005, reaching its highest level during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 10-year reign as head of New York City.A survey by the centres for Disease Control and Prevention, first reported Monday by the New York Post, found that 17.7 per cent of big city teens were smoking weed last year, compared to just 12.3 per cent in 2005.

“Every kid my age does it, but it is not a good thing,” 16-year-old Brooklyn resident Catherine Reyes told the Post. “They can end up in bad situations.”

The report also found that nearly 38 per cent of teenagers have admitted to having sex. Of those, about half had sex before turning 13, according to the Post.

The CDC’s report had a bevy of other bad news for Bloomberg, who’s earned himself the nickname the “Nanny” mayor for his work to regulate most aspects of New Yorkers’ health. About 28 per cent of city teens are overweight or obese and about 21 per cent drink soda, the Post reported.

The CDC’s findings might breathe new life into Bloomberg’s plan to ban 16 ounce sodas in New York. The plan received widespread backlash when it was first proposed.

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