Psychologists Make A Really Good Case For Getting Married

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A study shows that people who get married end up living happier lives than people who don’t end up tying the knot.A long-term national survey of 1,366 British citizens was used, and those individuals were studied based on their happiness. Each respondent started the study single and becoming married over the course of the long-term study.

A trio of psychologists, led by Michigan State University doctoral student Stevie Yap, originally tried to find out if personality helped to adapt to life-altering events like having a baby, losing a job, or getting married. Personality made no difference, but Yap, Ivana Anusic and Richard Lucas found that marriage sustains a person’s happiness over the course of a lengthy period of time.

“Over time, although they weren’t happier after marriage, the study indicates that they would be happier than if they remained single,” Yap told Business Insider.

Obviously if you marry someone you’re not compatible with, Yap said, you wouldn’t end up being very happy. “There are a lot of variations,” he said. But people studied in a similar age group sustained their happiness if they were married, while those who did not get married showed a decline in happiness over time, as Yap told Eurekalert.

These findings will be published in the upcoming October issue of the Journal of Research in Personality.

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