STUDY: Guinness Is Not The Most Popular Beer On St. Patrick's Day

Photo: Flickr/iwona_kellie

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, YouGov BrandIndex ranked beer brands nationally and in three major markets who happen to take St. Patrick’s Day pretty seriously: New York City, Boston, and Chicago.  In an upset, Guinness was not the top ranked beer.

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Brands were ranked by “buzz score.” Scores are based on the amount of buzz brands have built in the last two weeks, either through advertising, news, or word-of-mouth, and whether it was positive or negative.

Samuel Adams, Guinness and Dos Equis are the only three beers to appear in the national and all three local rankings. Dos Equis is a new beer to the national ranking (thank you Most Interesting Man); it only ranked in Boston last year.

Guinness turned up on the list at No. 6. For being the only Irish beer named, and the one most often associated with St. Patrick’s Day, it ranks lower than expected, nationally.

For their studies, YouGov BrandIndex interviews individuals drawn from an online panel of more than 1.5 million people. Brands are ranked on a scale from -100 to +100. For this study only individuals over 21 years old were interviewed. Green keg beer is not on the list.

10. Miller (Buzz: 6.7)

9. Coors (Buzz: 6.7)

8. Miller Lite (Buzz: 7.5)

7. Dos Equis (Buzz: 7.8)

6. Guinness (Buzz: 9.3)

5. Corona (Buzz: 9.5)

4. Heineken (Buzz: 12.4)

3. Bud Light (Buzz: 12.8)

2. Budweiser (Buzz: 14.2)

1. Samuel Adam (Buzz: 18.5)

Here are all of the rankings from the national and major markets.

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