STUDY: Dads Are Worth Less Than They Were 10 Years Ago

Photo: Flickr / Cary Lee

If you had to hire someone to do the average household work of a father, that person should be paid $20,248 a year, according to’s recent Father’s Day Index.The average American dad’s annual household contributions are actually down from 10 years ago, making dads “worth less” than they were a decade ago.

The index measures how much it would cost to hire someone to perform all the household chores that the typical dad does, such as cooking and helping with homework.

In 2002, the average dad’s annual household contributions were worth $16,495, but adjusted for inflation, that’s $21,365 today, meaning their value is down slightly.

For comparison’s sake, the 2012 Mother’s Day Index valued a mum’s household work at $60,182 per year. Yikes. 

Of course, they survey doesn’t take into account the fact that many dads are also breadwinners, or that there are relatively few stay-at-home dads.

We hope you value your father as a person, because in terms of household chores, he’s worth less and less.

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