STUDY: Banks and Insurers Spent $1.4 Million On Ads Reassuring Customers During The NSW Bushfires

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Affected by the bushfires? We’re here for you.

Banks, insurance companies and Australia’s two big supermarket chains spent a combined $1.4 million in advertising during the terrifying days of the NSW bushfires.

The rapid response campaign in press and radio by 12 companies was spread over the ten days from October 18 to 27, according to Ebiquity, the TV, radio, outdoor, press and magazine advertisement monitoring group.

“In a disaster of this scale, where Insurance claims from the NSW bushfire emergency had quickly topped $100 million, these advertisers needed to quickly reassure their customers,” says Ebiquity’s Richard Basil-Jones.

Westpac and St George banks, both part of the Westpac Group, accounted for 40 per cent of total spend.

The Westpac group also donated $450,000, inlcuding $200,000 to the Salvation Army appeal and $250,000 for rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Coles and Woolworths matched dollar for dollar customer donations made at their stores to support the Salvation Army and Red Cross appeals.

The Salvation Army appeal has just hit $5 million and the Vinnies $200,000.

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