Protesters Just Broke Into Goldman Sachs' Building In Milan And Wrote On Walls, 'Give Us Money'

A middle finger statue sits outside Milan’s stock exchange.

Students just broke into the hall of the Goldman Sachs building in Milan in the centre of the city’s Financial District.The storm-in is related to the Occupy Wall Street protests currently going on around the world.

According to Reuters, the protesters drew on Goldman’s walls in red graffiti, “Give us money.”

Reuters says protesters in Milan, where a statue of a middle finger sits outside the Milan Stock Exchange, also hurled eggs at the headquarters of UniCredit, the country’s biggest bank.

The protests were quickly dispersed by police and security was restored to the elegant building, says Reuters.

The globe-shaped chandelier overhanging the hall where protesters stormed in remains intact, as far as we can tell. 



Student protesters storm Goldman Sachs in Milan. (Image is a screengrab from CNBC)

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