University Of Utah Student Pays Tuition In $US1 Bills To Protest Rapidly Rising Cost Of Education

One student at the University of Utah took a stand this week against rapidly rising tuition costs by sending a message with how he paid his bill — using only single dollar bills.

University of Utah student Luq Mughal paid his tuition bill with 2,000 single dollar bills. “Even though the 21-year-old gets a discount because his father is a member of the faculty, the cost of tuition plus fees, books and living expenses is crushing,” The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

For most students, the cost of education is much higher in Utah than it was even a decade ago. “Undergraduate in-state tuition at the U. has more than doubled over the past decade, from $US2,742 in the 2002-03 school year to $US6,511 this year,” according to The Tribune.

While The Tribune reports that dozens of students were paying their tuition Tuesday, the deadline for this semester, Mughal was likely the only person who had to transport his payment in a metal case.

[H/T Total Frat Move]

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