Exotic Dancers Just Got $13 Million And A Lot More Respect From Strip Clubs

FlashdanceA still from the movie Flashdance.

Photo: Paramount/IMDB

It’s been three years since the class action began, but it ends with something of a labour law victory for exotic dancers.A federal judge has approved a $12.9 million settlement for strippers who claimed their employers helped themselves to their tips and paid less than minimum wage, among other indignities, the Courthouse News Service reports.

Under the settlement, a number of nightclubs will have to treat strippers as either employees or even as shareholders or partners in their ventures.

And in California, strippers won’t have to pay the defendant nightclubs fees in order to perform, as they had to do before the settlement.

The nightclubs, 15 in total, allegedly also fined strippers for a huge list of things, including: for not selling enough drinks, for not being in full costume, for not offering specials, and for not wearing a uniform even though a uniform was not provided.

After legal costs, the massive settlement will go to dancers primarily in California and Nevada, with around seven per cent being distributed to dancers in other states. 

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