Here's What The Cofounder Of $3.5 Billion Payments Startup Stripe Predicts For Next Year

If anyone knows what will happen to mobile payments next year, it’s John Collison.

Collison is a cofounder of Stripe, which provides an easy way for web sites and mobile apps to take payments using almost any imaginable payment system, from credit cards to Apple Pay.

It’s one of the hottest startups in San Francisco, worth more than $US3.5 billion

On Wednesday, Collison gave some predictions for what will happen to mobile payments in 2015:

  • Mobile commerce will explode as companies offer cheaper products. Now that your credit and debit card numbers are already in your phone, companies will start offering less expensive products that you wouldn’t have bothered typing in your information to buy otherwise.
  • Merchants will come to you. Collison writes that forcing people to visit a company’s website to buy something is like making them visit its corporate headquarters to make a purchase. Companies will go where the consumers are —  in apps.
  • Trends like Black Friday will go worldwide. Payments will expand to reach more international consumers.
  • Social media sites will become online markets. Facebook is already testing a “buy” button to market products directly to its users.


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