Strip Club Manager Answers All Of The Questions You Were Afraid To Ask

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A man who has managed a strip club since 1998 discussed all facets of the business in a Q&A on jobstr.The 34-year-old, who identified himself as “A.J. from New Jersey,” said he sometimes feel guilty about his line of work:

Yes…There’s been plenty of times when I’ll have a girl come in to audition fresh out of high school. Saying she wants to make some quick money before she goes away to school. As soon as they get in my office I spend a good 10 minutes trying to talk them out of working…

Although I have had a few girls over the years actually attend school (and graduate) and use the money they made to pay for it, most see the cash they make, drop out, and make a career out of it. 

But strippers can make a lot of money: 

Although the business has changed over the years, a “smart” stripper can still def pull in six figures. Years ago, they’d make much more than that. I’ve seen my girls pull in $3-4k in a night, work 3-4 days a week….you do the maths!

If they know how to work it:

Over the years I’ve seen a few of my customers drop upwards of $20k. It depends on the club what you will receive for that kind of money. I’ve had guys spend $10k just at the bar alone ($650 a pop for champagne, $1000 for a bottle of Blue Label) This of course includes cash advances where they get hit with a 15% vig on every hundred, which they in turn throw at the girls. If you get into VIP rooms at $250 a half hr + $100 minimum per bottle, the tab can grow quickly, especially if the girl is good and does just enough to keep the guy in there room after room.

 Not everyone can be a stripper:

When I first started in the business I had a scale in my office. When the girls were hired I wrote down their weight. They had a 5 pound “cushion”. If I thought they were getting heavy (or too skinny) they would weigh in. Over or under that 5 lbs they went home until they lost or gained it. Those days are over. Now, when a girl comes in, I MUST let her audition. That being said, if I don’t think she’s good looking or overweight, I just make up an excuse or simply take her number and tell her we’ll call her.

And there’s a reason why you can’t touch the dancers:

The law varies from town to town. It also depends on the type of club you are in (nude or go-go). But yes, it is an actual law that you cannot touch the dancers. Prostitution laws state that any sexual act for money is a chargeable offence. During a lap dance it’s even more strict since you don’t have a bar in between you and her.

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