Strikeforce vs. UFC Dream Fights That Make Sense

It is time to start talking UFC vs. Strikeforce Super Fights.  Zuffa LLC now owns the contracts of both Strikeforce and UFC fighters and now has the opportunity to give UFC fans some of the most intriguing fights in MMA history.

Both Dana White and Scott Coker have both said that it will be a while before we see mega fights between UFC and Strikeforce fighters. Zuffa intends to honour all Strikeforce contracts, keeping those fighters unavailable until their contracts expire. At some point the fights will come and there are plenty of elite MMA matchups that both brands can offer that have fans already buzzing about Super Fights.

The reality is that MMA fans will be lucky to get a handful of UFC vs. Strikeforce Super Fights. I’m still waiting for some of those UFC vs. Pride FC clashes. In the meantime, let’s have some fun and take a look at seventeen fun UFC vs. Strikeforce Super Fights that need to be made now.

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