Strike Shows: NBC/MGM Can't Get Enough 'Gladiator'

It’s only aired twice, but since NBC doesn’t know when the striking writers are going to come back to work, better order another season of the writerless “American Gladiator.” Last Sunday’s two hour debut averaged 12 million viewers, NBC’s best non-sports performance in the time period since the 2006 Emmys. The second instalment drew 10.9 million viewers on Monday night, also more-than-respectable for the time period.

The network is also planning to stream episodes of the show online, along with “behind-the-scenes” footage from the show. MGM, which co-produces the show with Reveille, owns the 80s version of the series, and is planning to capitalise on its renewed popularity with, which will air original episodes of “American Gladiators” along with new “where they are today” segments.

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