Strictly Limited Edition Steve Jobs iPhone 4S series from Goldgenie

A logo that was designed by HongKong design student Jonathan Mak as a tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs is now going to be used by Goldgenie (the reputed luxury consumer product maker) to produce a limited edition of Steve Jobs iPhones. The iPhone4S shall be limited to 56 numbers – the age that Mr. Jobs lived until his death last year.


Laban Roomes, the founder of Goldgenie has promised that one of the 56 shall be given to Apple for posterity while another one shall go to Jonathan in recognition of his work. It maybe recalled that the logo had gone viral after its design. The logo features Mr. Jobs as the silhouette in the Apple instead of the usual bite.

Apple has refused to comment on this story so far. However given that Apple does not even honour warranty of a phone once it has been gold plated and absolutely hates any liberties with its trademarks ; we do not see how Goldgenie is going to pull this one off. However we do hope that they do. The Steve Jobs series of the iPhone will have proceeds from the sale going entirely to charity. The Jobs iPhone is slated to debut in South Florida next month.

The Rich Times