12 relaxing gifts to soothe your stressed mate this Christmas

12 relaxing gifts to soothe your stressed mate this Christmas
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  • We’ve rounded up a selection of great Christmas ideas for the loved one in your life who might be feeling the pressure after a tumultuous year.
  • Inside this gift guide, you’ll find a range of stress relief products, including personal massagers, sleep aids and toys designed to distract busy minds.
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2021 has without a doubt been one of the most stressful years of our lives. From fighting a second wave of coronavirus to the uncertainty of job security, it’s quite likely many of your loved ones (or even yourself) are in dire need of some stress relief.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a number of gift ideas, with products tailored to alleviate stress by providing a calming environment or helping you fall into a restful sleep quicker.

Browse our top picks to pamper your stressed out friend below:

This Foot Spa, $100

Image: HoMedics

This is a great gift for someone that works on their feet all day, everyday. When your soles are aching, there’s nothing like coming home to a hot, bubbly foot soak. Simply fill it with water, throw in some bath salts and spend the next 30 minutes unwinding while watching your favourite sitcom or TV drama.

The HoMedics Bubblemate Foot Spa and Massager can be found here.

These Wireless Sleep Headphones, $33.99

Image: Perytong

These wireless sleep headphones won’t seem so silly when you fall asleep within seconds of starting your nightly meditation session. If you’re someone who tosses and turns in your sleep, you’ll no longer need to fear losing your earbuds between the covers.

These handy headphones can also double as a sweatband if getting active is your way of tackling stress.

Shop yours here from $33.99.

This Essential Oil Diffuser, $34.83

Image: Asakuki

This Asakuki essential oil diffuser is a 5-in-1 aromatherapy device. Fill your home with a wafting scent of lavender or jasmine to instantly calm your senses. Not only does it offer 500ml of heavenly smells, it also functions as a diffuser that will purify the air of toxins. This will improve your home’s air quality, especially if you need to cover the scent of pets or smoking when guests are over.

Psychology says that seeing different colours can affect your mood. This product can also alternate between seven different colours so why not switch it to blue when the stress bug starts to hit? By choosing blue, you can be instantly transported to a beach, with ocean waves lapping against the sandy shoreline.

Shop it here for $34.83.

This Bliss Bay Gift Basket, $39

A simple gift idea for those plagued with stress and worries in their day-to-day life.
Image: Swell Vibes

This Bliss Bay gift pack is perfect for anyone who needs some me time but doesn’t know where to start.

For just $39, you receive a bottle of bubble bath, Australian clay mask powder and a bath soak filled with ultra calming elements, such as magnesium and himalayan bath salt. Bye bye worries, hello stress relief.

Shop it here.

This Sleep Aid Device, $83.23

A sleep aid is a stress relief product for those who struggle to turn off their thoughts at night..
Image: Bestand

Sometimes it’s hard to turn off the buzzing inside your head in order to fall asleep. If you’re running out of options, you need to give this Bestand sleep aid device a red hot go.

When it’s time for bed, select either the 8 or 20-minute timer then focus on the spot of blue light projected on the ceiling. Concentrate on keeping your breath in rhythm with the flickering light and before you know it, you’ll be sound asleep.

Try out Bestand’s Sleep Aid Device here to earn some stress relief for $83.23.

This Weighted Blanket, $39.99

Image: Pine and River

Weighted blankets were revolutionary after they first went viral for providing anxiety-relief and improved sleep quality only a couple of years ago.

This Pine and River ultra plush weighted blanket uses deep pressure touch stimulation to increase your body’s relaxation. It’s a great gift idea for those of you who can get a little restless at night when stress begins to impact your sleep schedule.

This one is available for $39.99.

This GoCube, $128.88

Help them manage their stress with a GoCube, a fun stress relief toy perfect for those in need of a distraction.
Image: GoCube

Sometimes unwinding doesn’t necessarily mean running a hot bath or taking a nap. For some, finding a good distraction is as useful of a stress reliever as any other.

GoCube is essentially a smart Rubik’s Cube. It’s an app-enabled game that connects to your smartphone and teaches you how to solve the mighty Rubik’s Cube puzzle that has baffled many for decades.

Shop yours here for $128.88.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp, $27.28

Image: Oz Stock

Himalayan salt lamps are usually made of salt extracted from the mountains of Pakistan, where they are hollowed out with space for a small globe. They supposedly release negative ions that contribute towards cleaner air quality inside your home. Meanwhile, its soothing pinkish-orange glow is believed to improve mood and sleep.

It’s a fantastic stress relief gift for someone who’s just moved into a new home. Plus, it adds a functional New Age touch to any room.

Pick up one here for $27.78.

This Acupressure Mat, $89.99

Image: Ajna

Acupressure is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that works by applying pressure to certain parts of your body, known as “acupoints”. The goal of it is to help unblock “qi”, or the flow of energy around your body.

An acupressure mat can help relieve back pain or stress at home so you don’t have to book in an appointment to your local acupressure practitioner. It resembles a yoga mat except it’s covered in flower-like spikes.

If you’re a beginner, all you need to do is place the acupressure mat on a soft but flat surface (like your bed), then gently lay back on it for 5-45 minutes. Once you’ve gotten yourself used to its little spikes, you can try getting your stress relief by placing it on harder surfaces, like the floor.

Try it out here for $89.99. You can also try this cheaper version here for $49.95.

A Luxurious Hamper, from $99

A luxurious gift hamper is a great idea for anyone in need of stress relief.
Image: The Hamper Emporium

When you’re stuck brainstorming Christmas gifts ideas for your in-laws, a luxurious hamper can never go wrong. Packed with a number of goodies, from a bottle of red to a silk robe or an assortment of artisan chocolates — it’s the ideal gift when you want to make someone feel spoilt, but you don’t know them intimately enough to know how.

The Hamper Emporium specialises in a number of luxury hampers and are currently offering $9.95 express delivery for a limited time. Some of our top picks are:

Meanwhile, Woolworths has also come to the market with a great range of budget-friendly hampers for under $100. Some of our recommendations include:

This Massage Gun, $159.99

Renpho massage gun
Image: Renpho

Renpho is rising up to be the king of the electric massager game.

Its bestselling massage gun currently has 6,700 high ratings on Amazon and with good reason. It’s an ultra compact and easy to grip personal massager, with up to five speed levels and five massager heads that can be altered to anyone’s preference. Unlike other electric massagers, this one is handy because you can use it on any part of your body.

Shop the Renpho Massage Gun here for $159.99 (down from $189.99). You can even opt to apply a $25 coupon, bringing it down to $134.99. However, if you can’t justify spending over $100, you can grab a simpler one here for $79.

A RedBalloon Experience, vouchers start from $25

Another great gift idea is a RedBalloon voucher so they can pick their own relaxation package.
Image: RedBalloon

While material possessions are nice and all, an unforgettable experience really takes the cake. Give your loved one the gift of choice with a RedBalloon gift voucher.

Starting from $25, your giftee will have the option to choose between hundreds of different experiences, such as a three-course dinner to a private helicopter tour. There’s no better way to relax than treating themselves to a fun adventure. Maybe they’ll even treat you!

Some of our recommended activities for stressheads include:

Gift vouchers can be found here.

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