Street Theatre And Gimmicks Are Still Useful In The PR World Today

One wonders with social and digital media continually changing the PR landscape, do old tricks like stunts and gimmicks still work ? This owner of a PR Agency says yes. Publicity stunts are designed to generate attention and media coverage – they usually have news value, offer photo, video and sound bite opportunities, and are arranged primarily for media coverage.

 Two recent gimmicks which have attracted major media attention:

  • More than 550 health professionals and organisations have called on McDonalds to “fire” Ronald McDonald at McDonalds annual executive conference. They are calling for the hamburger giant to stop marketing “junk food.” Clearly Ronald McDonald aint going anywhere – but this was a low-cost, yet creative and smart way to create a lot of attention.
  • You ask me, Donald Trump’s recent run for President was nothing but a PR stunt, designed to get him attention, which he got a ton of (although much of it was negative and I believe wasn’t beneficial for the Trump brand).

Gimmicks and stunts can sometimes be very effective – Consider them when building your Public Relations campaign.

Ronn Torossian