7 street art capitals of the world that show how every city is a canvas

Cities aren’t static.

They’re shaped by the people that live there. 

Whether or not you call it vandalism, places like New York, São Paulo, and Berlin are transformed by the artists that turn bare walls into art.

Some artists like KATSU take to innovative methods ...

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... like employing drones to tag one of the city's most visible billboards last April.


... muralist Nunca has turned large swathes of the city into ...

Victor Moriyama / Getty

... his canvas.

Victor Moriyama / Getty

The Chilean artist Jorge Selaron spent over 25 years decorating this 215-step staircase in Rio de Janeiro, giving it the name 'Escadaria Selarón.'


Earlier this summer, Bristol, UK, had Europe's largest street art fair.

Matt Cardy / Getty

250 artists came from 25 countries to decorate the industrial city's walls.

Matt Cardy / Getty

But the Mecca of street art is Berlin.

Sean Gallup / Getty

A section of the Berlin Wall called the East Side Gallery...


And a symbol of division ...

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