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It’s Opening Day. And for the obsessive baseball fan, missing a live game at while work can be pure torture.Sure, you can keep refreshing the score, but that’s still not as good a the real thing.

With MLB At Bat, you can stream games straight to your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone with an account.

As a bonus this month, the MLB is offering a free trial subscription to for the entire month of April, just for downloading the app. (You’ll have to put up with some annoying Volvo ads, but it’s still worth it).

We’ve been using MLB At Bat for about a month to keep up with spring training games, and we can safely say it’s one of the best sports apps we’ve seen so far.

It works anywhere, and will stream games over wifi and 3G. We did experience a few hiccups in streaming, even over wifi, but it smooth for the most part.

Besides live streaming, you can keep up with each swing through game day, track player stats, browse team standings, and read news and updates from

The app costs $14.99 for Android and iOS.

Tap the MLB At Bat icon to launch the app.

Tap the book icon to check out some more features: Scoreboard, News, Gameday, and Standings

Scoreboard displays current scores.

The news screen has news and video highlights from

Standings shows the current standings in each division.

Gameday lets you keep up with a game play-by-play. It's a live animated representation of what's happening.

Here's the list of every MLB team. Tap the green plus sign next to your favourites. You can also set push notifications to be alerted about your teams.

Tap the TV icon to select a game you want to stream. Warning: Depending on where you are, some games may be blacked out. Let's try the Yankees game.

First, you'll have to sign up for the free trial, which is sponsored by Volvo.

Enter your name, email, etc. to create an MLB.TV account.

Now the app will verify whether or not you can watch the game you selected.

Whoops! It looks like we can't watch the Yankees game. Pretty annoying. Let's go back and select the Braves game instead.

Success! We're about to tune in to the Braves game.

But first we have to watch another Volvo ad.

There we go! Live baseball, streaming directly to our iPad.

The picture quality is pretty good.

You don't see commercials during breaks, but you do see an ad guessed it...Volvo.

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