Streaker Arrested Near NASCAR Race Also Had Wild Raccoon in his Possession

This story, involving streaking, NASCAR, and a raccoon, may be about the most redneck thing you may ever read.  All that’s missing is some Pabst Blue Ribbon and a prize-winning mullet.

Picture here with a quizzical look on his face is Joshua Greene, a 27-year-old West Virginian man, who was arrested for streaking through a busy parking lot just off Route 394 in Bristol, Tennessee.  The lot was packed because of it’s proximity to the Bristol Motor Speedway, which was hosting the Irwin Tools Night Race last Saturday night.

But wait, there’s more.

After cops caught Greene in a nearby neighbourhood, still clad in his birthday suit, they were able to track down his car, which contained a female companion…and a wild raccoon.



“I’m walking up through here and here he comes, back up and stops in front of the band waving and spinning in circles and stuff,” explained Tim Lee, a witness.

Police were able to chase Greene and caught up with him in a nearby neighbourhood. As police charged him, they discovered a wild animal in his car. “With that we also [found that] he and a companion were in possession of a raccoon,” said Matt Austin, Bristol, Tenn. police.

Police called in Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to help with the furry situation. “They said his girlfriend rescued it from a park, but as far as where it actually came from, we couldn’t really say for sure,” Austin said.

For his naked romp, and questionable raccoon keeping practices, Greene is facing charges of public intoxication, indecent exposure, and some additional charges placed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.


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