STRATFOR On Assange: 'Bankrupt The A-------, Ruin His Life, Give Him 7-12 For Conspiracy'

Fred BurtonBurton is a former special agent with the State Department

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Fred Burton, Stratfor Vice-President for Counterterrorism and Corporate Security, provided some insight on the strategy against WikiLeaks in emails published on the WikiLeaks website.“Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track aQ [Al Qaeda]. Thank Cheney & 43 [former US President George W. Bush]. Big Brother owns his liberal terrorist arse.” 

Burton is a former Deputy Chief of the Department of State’s counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). The DSS assists the DoD in following leads and doing forensic analysis of hard drives seized by the US Government in ongoing criminal investigations.

Burton also stated what his strategy against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would be:

Bankrupt the arsehole first, ruin his life. Give him 7-12 yrs for conspiracy.

A few hours later he added the comment: “Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever.

Staffed by several former government staff, Stratfor has a natural enmity with WikiLeaks.

Interestingly one message sent from Watch Officer Chris Farnham to CEO and founder George Friedman, titled “Assange is off the hook…” casts doubt on the sexual assault allegations against Assange.

“BTW, close family friend in Sweden who knows the girl that is pressing charges tells me that there is absolutely nothing behind it other than prosecutors that are looking to make a name for themselves. My friend speaks rather disparagingly about the girl who is claiming molestation. I also think the whole rape thing is incorrect for if I remember correctly rape was never the charge.”

After being informed that Assange was being accused under Sweden’s loose definition of rape, Farnham replied:

“If it really matters I can look into it, but from what I am hearing that is not the case. That’s not to say that my friend is foolproof either. She knows nothing of law or politics, she just knows the girl in question and follows the news.”

WikiLeaks has published 405 out of what it says is a cache of 5 million internal emails dated between July 2004 to December 2011, 4,000 of which mention WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.

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